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Madison appearances

I’m very pleased to be living in Madison WI after almost 40 years in Houston. I’ll be making the rounds to explore new musical connections both popular and classical.

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Miking the Cello and Live Sound

For a couple decades now I have played cello on many recording projects and even produced a few myself. Most often nowadays, I record myself here at my home studio- Cellomax Studio. I really enjoy the creative process of working ¬†closely with¬†musicians and producers from all over. MIKING THE CELLO Studio mic placements Every sound […]

New Projects

“Inspired: Max Dyer and Friends” Thanks for all your support on my CD Project! “Inspired” Max Dyer and friends is now available at CDBaby I also have some nice T Shirts you can order please email me at and specify size (S M L XL XXL) I am very pleased to be a featured […]

Interview with MAX DYER: Improvisation Approach

CELLO CITY INK INTERVIEW WITH MAX DYER by Sera Smolen SS: What got you started improvising on your cello? MD: When I was little, my family sang a lot in the car, and I loved to sing my own harmonies, so I guess that was the beginning. Then in the 70’s I had a lot […]